What Are the Questions You Should Ask an SEO Consultant?


An SEO consultant’s job is to develop and oversee SEO projects to improve a website’s standing in search engine results. The company should eventually see an increase in revenue due to this.

The primary traffic source for many websites is organic search. Thus, employing a skilled SEO consultant will help your company flourish. Alternatively, making the wrong hire might do significant harm that may require a long time to repair.

Here we have compiled questions you should ask an SEO consultant to ensure the correct hire:

1. What Services Do You Provide?

You must decide which services you require from the consultant before asking the question. Will you or a team member handle some of these tasks, or do you want them to take everything from keyword research to page optimization and link building? 

Once this is established, find out how experienced they are in offering these services. There will be more information on that soon.

2. What are Your Best Services?

There is no such thing as a universally applicable SEO consultant. Instead, look for the candidate who will best suit your company.

An SEO consultant needs to be knowledgeable about all aspects of SEO in addition to marketing in general. But there can be fewer experts in each one. Some consultants have areas of expertise like technical SEO or link building. 

They provide a specialized service by making use of their strengths. That’s fantastic news.

 Simply put, this question helps both parties assess whether your needs and their area of expertise, knowledge, and focus are a good fit.

3. How Do You Approach Google’s SEO Guidelines?

There is no appropriate reaction. However, caution should be used when dealing with extremes.

 Google has significantly increased its SEO recommendations and documentation in recent years. Even the top SEOs, though, occasionally deviate from Google’s suggestions. 

For instance, link building is the primary disagreement between Google’s claims and SEOs. Google’s suggestions and what generates links can often be opposed.

It’s encouraging to learn about a few instances where the consultant disagrees with Google and the reasons why.

4. What SEO Tools Do You Utilise?

Any reputable SEO consultant should use one of the three most popular all-in-one SEO toolkits, Ahrefs, Semrush, or Moz. Answering this question by mentioning one of these brands is an excellent place to start. Google Search Console and Google Analytics are widely used.

However, having access to the top SEO tools is just the beginning. Let the consultant walk you through their processes. How is a website audit conducted? How do they locate chances to develop links? How about keyword research?

When using the tools, there could be many correct and incorrect responses. You need to be an SEO expert to be able to evaluate them. Whatever the reactions, they ought to foster a stronger rapport and trust.


It can be challenging to assess the level of experience of a possible SEO consultant when you are unfamiliar with SEO.  You should look elsewhere if they can’t clearly explain SEO principles, answer with “it depends” without providing more details, or give answers that seem off to you.

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